Welcome to Hi Flow Pumps Industries

The main objective of the Company is to maintain equilibrium between low main tenance costs and longer product's life to facilitate its valuable customers..

To provide our customers with quality

Hi-Flow Pump Industries is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment like Digital Ultra Sonic Flow Meter for Pump Performance Test, Dynamic Balancing Machine for Pump impeller Balancing, Shaft Straightening Machine for Pump Shaft, Short Blaster, CNC Machines and latest Test Bed, equipped with PLC system, for the testing of Pump Performance..

Hi-Flow Pump Industries

Hi-Flow Pump Industries is a leading manufacturer of all types of water and industrial pumps including: Sewage Submersible, Submersible, Deep Well Turbine, Non-Clogging, Centrifugal and Multistage Centrifugal Pumps. .

Hi-Flow Pump Industries excels with over 23 years of valuable experience

Hi-Flow manufacturing facility utilize a blend of modern production equipment to ensure an efficient and flexible manufacturing process.

Hi-Flow pumps are built to be a long time partner and secure investment with trusted after sale from a reliable company with a maintenance network in all provinces of Pakistan and are also exported to several countries